Thursday, March 1, 2012

Controversy, do you like it?

Controversy is all around us, it can come in big forms from gun control, abortion, and gay rights and it can also come in small forms like should students be required to take standardized tests or should we have to worry about brain cancer from the radiation in our cell phones. In LA101H, we are about to begin our “History of a Controversy” multimedia projects. This project will certainly be interesting since it is the first time we have worked in groups this semester and we will also be using substantial amounts of technology to complete this assignment.  
What makes a controversy stand out? Why do people get so upset over controversies? The answer is simple controversies are caused when the values and ideals of people clash and one group thinks they have the moral high ground over another group. Well that’s at least what I think controversy is. We are going to explore the rhetorical situations that controversy presents and how to address a controversy. We will also look into the two opposing sides of a controversy. Today in America, we see controversy and debate everywhere from presidential candidates to the lowest levels of civil arguments.
Controversies can be found in our lives as college students too. For instance how do we feel about the tuition hikes Penn State is supposed to receive? Some of us may be very angry and want to riot while others may not mind paying more for a quality education. We also can experience controversy on even the smallest level like arguing with your roommate over what television show, Family Guy or American Dad, is better. I actually had this argument with my roommate. I have also included in this post a controversy that is on the other level of importance. The controversy is over California’s Proposition 8 which bans gay marriage. Check it out, see what makes a controversy.
Link to Prop 8 debate:

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  1. Our society definitely has a wide range of controversies and how we deal with them shows what kind of society we are. But in the meantime, I'll be interested to see what people pick in our class.