Thursday, March 15, 2012

Information and Citing

When trying to get rhetoric across for a certain point or idea, one must back up his or her ideas with solid and reliable information. This information must be accurate and acknowledged by others as true to be used to write a speech or essay. The author of the speech or essay must also make sure that he or she properly cites the information so a charge of plagiarism cannot be made towards the author. As we begin our multimedia group projects in LA 101H, our group must make sure to properly cite information and give credit where credit is due. Plagiarism is a serious violation of academic honesty that can destroy a student’s grade point average as well as his or her academic record and cost countless opportunities.
This week in class we learned how to use library databases and how to make sure sources were properly cited. Learning how to research and cite will be an important part of carrying out the “History of a Conversation” project. Making sure you have adequate amounts information will be paramount in creating a quality multimedia presentation and project. Also, our groups will need to be sure to always cite and give proper credit to all information that is obtained through other sources.
When a person tries to establish a rhetorical point and disseminate information, one cannot just go off of what he or she knows but the author needs to incorporate others ideas into our work to make the point clear and concise and understandable to an audience. Whether it be a book about ancient Egyptian history or a English textbook, the author always tries to use other sources of information to get their thesis across. The author also has to acknowledge where this information comes from.
Every good speech, paper, essay, story etc. is written not only with what the author knows but also with what the author is able to find through diligent research in digital and text sources.


  1. Can't wait to make sure we get all of our sources properly cited for our project! I agree that the resources in the library were hugely helpful, and I feel like I'm prepared to make sure I don't violate any copyright laws.

  2. I'll be making sure to cite all my sources from now on. I'm not too sure why I had forgotten to in my previous assignments, but you live and you learn I guess. Anyhow, the library resources will make citing sources much easier as citing seems to be the worst part of projects and essays.