Friday, March 30, 2012

Convincing and Motivating the People

This week in LA 101H we discussed how to effectively persuade an audience in a rhetorical situation but we also talked about the difference between convincing and motivating an audience through a persuasive speech or essay. Convincing and motivating an audience are two very different areas when it comes to getting a persuasive opinion across. I found it very interesting how a speaker needs to work hard to not only convince an audience to accept an idea but also motivate the audience to take action and become inspired to take up the cause. I also found interesting how our class explored the factors that make up a good persuasive argument and persuade the audience to accept the idea. I never knew that there were two types if persuasion, I always thought that convincing and motivating were one in the same.
We examined several speeches to understand how to get the “crowd pumped up” or so to speak. To successful complete both the essay and speech portion of our assignment, we will need to speak and write with conviction and strive to motivate our audience to take up the challenge of our “struggle”.  When searching YouTube for motivational persuasive speeches, one can find countless examples of quality speeches. I have included several speeches for the class to examine and get an even better feel for what a persuasive speaker and possible writer tries to convey in his or her work. Check out this speech about gay marriage, the speaker uses emotion and appeal about the rights of gay people to motivate the audience.

A quality speaker will have the ability to sell even the dullest of ideas to his or her audience. Not all opinions and ideas used in a persuasive speech are shocking or controversial; some ideas are not known to the people and if they were not brought to the forefront most people would not care. Both logos and ethos are important in the persuasive process. Logos and ethos are imperative in getting the central idea across to the audience.
I have included some samples of speeches as well as tips on how to conduct a successful persuasive speech.
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