Thursday, February 23, 2012

Get ready to succumb to persuasion!

Persuasion. We are subject to it every single day no matter where we go. It is present everywhere in our country today. Companies, organizations, politicians, celebrities, and your friends all are trying to persuade you to do activities or purchase something or invest your precious time into doing something. America is full of persuasive speech and advertisement in the media, television, and everyday life. What makes a good persuasive argument? What makes you want to partake in something that you would not normally do? What sells that product to you over anything else you might buy?
These questions are trivial in figuring out how somebody buys something. I see persuasive tactics everywhere I go whether it is in a store or something else like an amusement park or political advertisements. I am not easily persuaded into buying frivolous things unless the salesman or the advertisement makes an irresistible offer. Most Americans are like me and need to be completely sold on an item before they spend their hard earned money on the said item.  A great example of a persuasive tactic is trying to draw somebody by promising them that an item, whether it be a deodorant or drink, will automatically make them popular and draw members of the opposite sex closer.
Let’s take a look at the persuasiveness of an Axe commercial now that we are on deodorants. In this commercial the producers use the situation of one man who lures thousands of beautiful women in with several quick sprays of Axe deodorant is aerosol form. Wow pretty persuasive, eh? I would say so this ad uses persuasiveness to appeal to man’s greatest weakness women. The commercial is basically saying no matter what you look like use Axe, it will bring the women to you in droves!

I find the persuasive rhetorical techniques used in this commercial as well as many other commercials completely ridiculous but yet they work. People are willing to buy an item just to try to relive the moment that the commercial or advertisement promises. link for the axe commercial.


  1. Ads really are all about persuasion. Great choice with using the Axe commercial, they're always funny with the way they exaggerate how their product will somehow make men seem more attractive.

  2. Axe ads are usually quite entertaining and feature a good amount of persuasion. I think their ads are quite attractive to the average consumer.